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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

What is a VPS? Virtual Private Server (VPS):  is a smaller scale dedicated server. It is virtualized; this means it is not physical like a normal dedicated server. A virtual server is inside a dedicated server, which is why it is not as powerful or customizable as a dedicated server. Meaning, your site will occupy […]

What is the Difference between Parked, Addon and Subdomains?

What is the Difference between Parked, Addon and Subdomains? Subdomain: A subdomain is a subdivision of a domain. It helps organize sections of a website better, giving each section it’s own sub division. For example: a company website has information on it’s main page and contact details in different pages, but it also has a […]

Domain Name System

Domain Name System Domain name system (DNS): is what controls the connection between your domain name with your web hosting and email servers. How this connection is made is through DNS records pointed to ip addresses or other subdomains and domains that will manage a specific aspect of the domain. The more common records you […]

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