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Dedicated Servers

What is a dedicated server?  At Host4porn we specialize in providing dedicated servers for our clients. Basically a Dedicated server is a powerful computer in which you can do everything you do on your normal computer and some extras, in a much more reliable way. What does a Dedicated Server Offer? It provides you with […]

DDOS Attacks

What is DDOS?  Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS): in simple terms is an attack by multiple computers or users. These attacks are generally done using botnets this means hundreds or thousands of connections attacking the system or network. It slows down network functions and could overload servers eventually. These attacks can consume bandwidth, disk space, […]

Data Migration

Data Migration So what is data migration? In simple terms it’s the procedure of transferring (migrating) data between storage types, formats or in this case computer systems. Take into consideration that this is important for any system implementation or upgrade. When is data migration needed?  Data Migration is usually used to replace or upgrade servers […]

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