Data Migration

Data Migration

So what is data migration?

In simple terms it’s the procedure of transferring (migrating) data between storage types, formats or in this case computer systems. Take into consideration that this is important for any system implementation or upgrade.

When is data migration needed? data-migration

Data Migration is usually used to replace or upgrade servers for a website consolidation, to conduct server maintenance or to relocate a data center. So typically you will need to perform a data migration whenever you want to upgrade your existing hardware or if you are considering transferring to a completely new system.

What does Host4porn offers for data migration:

Host4porn offers you great 24/7 support and all the guidance you need to perform your data migration at no cost. We provide a free, one time, data migration for all new customers moving from a different provider to our servers. Keep in mind that hosting migrations are only done from the same control panel you had at your previous host, so if you had a plesk panel and are moving to our cpanel, migration
is a little more difficult and might not be 100% compatible.


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