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Is Adult Shared Hosting Right For You?

If you are or wish to be part of the adult industry, then you know your main delivery method will be your website. Because it’s so important, you must make wise choices when deciding how to host it.

Hosting means storing the information of your website in a computer. The name given to this computer is a server. The first choice you’ll have to make is, do I want to host my site on a personal server or do I want to hire an adult hosting provider? Normally, whether you’re starting or are already established, you’d prefer the second choice… an adult web host. One reason is they save you from most of the hassles of taking care of server maintenance and connection. Another reason is that their adult web hosting packages tend to save you money; mostly because they spare you from dealing with most of the costs of running an adult site in the adult content business.

Once you’ve decided on a hosting provider, the next choice is, do I decide for shared hosting or dedicated hosting? Both choices involve using a server, but by using adult shared hosting you’ll be sharing the server with other websites. Dedicated hosting means that you’ll have the server all to yourself. They both have their benefits. A dedicated server means you’ll enjoy all the resources of the server for yourself, but the service comes with a higher price than shared hosting. 

Let’s focus on shared hosting for now. Because you’re sharing a server, the prices of adult shared hosting are much cheaper; since the cost of running the server is shared between different websites. This reason makes shared hosting ideal for starting adult websites. Shared hosting also allows you to set-up your website much quicker, giving your visitors access almost immediately to your content. Lastly, moving the contents of your website to a dedicated server (if you ever wish to) is much simpler than the other way around. Overall, shared hosting is a terrific opportunity for all adult industry entrepreneurs, but especially for newcomers to the business. 

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