DDOS Attacks

What is DDOS? 

Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS): in simple terms is an attack by multiple computers or users.

These attacks are generally done using botnets this means hundreds or thousands of connections attacking the system or network. It slows down network functions and could overload servers eventually.

These attacks can consume bandwidth, disk space, processing power of a server and cause it to overload and go offline, causing harm to a company’s image and reputation.

They interrupt communication between a user and the provider by overloading the network connections and causing connections to not be completed. This can cause websites to not load, connecting to email or even internet connection speeds to drop dramatically.

What is DOS?

Denial Of Service (DOS): Generally only one computer or user trying to overload a system or network.

Can be dangerous if the offender knows what they are doing, but does not cause major harm to a large company with good security measures.


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