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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

What is a VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS):  is a smaller scale dedicated server. It is virtualized; this means it is not physical like a normal dedicated server. A virtual server is inside a dedicated server, which is why it is not as powerful or customizable as a dedicated server. Meaning, your site will occupy a virtual machine on hardware that’s also hosting other sites.

Basically they are the mid-level solution for those that need the control of a root based server, and have outgrown their reseller package. Cheap VPS plans are low cost and scalable, meaning you can start with our lowest package, and work your way up as you grow! You can even move from a VPS to a dedicated server if needed.

A vps is customizable up to a point; you can change the operating system to one the virtualization type supports, install software and change configuration to your needs. Since a VPS is inside a dedicated server, they are also designed to work 24/7 and to be reliable.

When is VPS Used? They can be used for smaller scale needs such as an online store or to run one program that needs to be accessed from different office locations.


What is a Dedicated Server?

We talk on a previous blog post about dedicated servers on how they work and what they can offer you.

Even do making a reminder a dedicated server is a powerful computer in which you can do everything you don on your normal computer and some extras, in a much reliable way.

Always remember that dedicated servers are equipped with powerful processors, a large amount of disk space and a very high RAM capacity. If you want to learn more about how a dedicated server works and how it is used visit our last blog post here.

Host4porn offers you a variety of plans from you to choose from. Starting with our basic VPS plan at just $5.00/mo and more scalable plans with more capacity specs. Our virtual private servers are also backed by the same 7 day money back guarantee as all of our other packages, making it one of the most competitive deals we have.  Have any further questions? Contact us on live chat and we will be glad to help you.


About Us

Host4Porn is a New Jersey-base premium adult Web hosting company, with U.S. business offices located in Hackensack New Jersey. Host4Porn is a Whitelabel IT Solutions company. Whitelabel ITSolutions will be able to provide a plan for you all with an unparalleled 24/7 customer support available whenever and wherever our clients need it.


To learn more visit: or call: (201) 425-4060. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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