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How to build a Website from WordPress templates


Are you a beginner and want to start a blog or a web page? Web designers can be really expensive and at Host4porn we try to make your investment easier to afford; that’s why we include in our plans easy to use applications as WordPress so you can get started.

But have you any clue on how to build a Website from WordPress templates? This step-by-step guide will teach you how to.

Installing a new theme through your wordpress interface is fairly easy, begin by going to:

Appearance -> Themes

  1. Now we need to look for a theme, this can be done by clicking on “Add New Theme”.


  1. You will now be presented with a list of some of the many themes that wordpress has to offer. For this example we will be using the “Trident Lite” Theme. Note: To preview a theme simply hover your mouse over the desired theme and click on the preview button. To install the theme we will click on install.

theme we

  1. We will need to wait a couple of minutes while the theme downloads and installs.


  1. When the theme has been installed successfully you will see the following message successfully installed the theme Trident Lite 1.0.5. We then click on Activate to proceed.


  1. Now we have downloaded, added, and activated a new theme to WordPress, now you just need to add some content to your wordpress site.


  1. There are endless amounts of themes available for wordpress each theme is unique and can add distinct features to your site such as shopping carts, item categories and products.


If you are a beginner and want to learn more on how to install WordPress from scratch learn more at our last blog post:


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