Bulk Email

What is Bulk Email?  Its name says it all bulk email is the action of sending out electronic mail messages to a large amount of users at once.

This can be considered a double-edged sword which can either be beneficial for the receiver or considered annoying. It all depends on how, why and to whom it is sent, bulk email can be a fast and useful communication tool for a legitimate business reaching out to existing or potential clients, or a powerful spamming tool.

Companies sent out bulkno bulk spam emails email every day and it’s considered legal. For example you bought something and your personal information was taken and then you received a holiday greeting or a new product arrival email; that was probably sent using bulk email to a large amount of users. When these messages are sent with your permission, they can be useful marketing tools for the companies that send them.


On the other hand, we have bulk emails that aren’t solicited. This may be sent from an unspecified sender trying to spam and this action is considered illegal in the United States. You can read more about what is considered legal according to CAM-SPAM legislation.


So what is Spam? Spam is junk and always unsolicited. We define spam as unsolicited bulk email, commonly when the same message is sent to many hundreds or thousands of recipients without their permission.


At you will see that we don’t allow mass emails. Listed on our products you can see we listed that bulk email marketing is not allowed.


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