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Add-ons: as it name says it is something that has been or can be added to an existing object or arrangement. Its purpose is to increase the capability of an object. In this post we will learn of some add-ons that we offer on our services. At host4porn we give all our clients a variety of services and plans for all sorts of budgets with different add-ons so they can have customized solutions.

For example we offer you the following options to get you started:


WHMCS is a billing panel where a reseller can manage his client accounts and payments. WHMCS is the same panel we use to manage clients on all our websites, you are familiar with the options available to the client. The license can be acquired for a reseller, vps or dedicated server. WHMCS supports connecting a number of different resellers to the same whmcs license.


These are both software or script libraries that a user can use to install WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and many more different scripts a website can use. Licenses are included with reseller accounts so all the reseller’s clients can use it.

Whenever you want to order you will see all the specs listed and you can customize your order to your needs. You can upgrade memory, have more IPs or add any other add-on such as the billing software you prefer. That’s why host4porn is your number one reliable hosting solution.

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