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Archive for January, 2016


Add-Ons Add-ons: as it name says it is something that has been or can be added to an existing object or arrangement. Its purpose is to increase the capability of an object. In this post we will learn of some add-ons that we offer on our services. At host4porn we give all our clients a […]

Want to become an affiliate at Host4Porn?

What is an affiliate program? Is a marketing program where you receive commission for helping generate sales to a company or merchant. Want to become an affiliate at host4porn? If you offer a service related to our same niche (in this case porn industry, web design, live streaming, scripts or any other service you consider […]

Bulk Email

What is Bulk Email?  Its name says it all bulk email is the action of sending out electronic mail messages to a large amount of users at once. This can be considered a double-edged sword which can either be beneficial for the receiver or considered annoying. It all depends on how, why and to whom […]


RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks or RAID is in charge of putting multiple hard drives together to improve on what a single drive can do on its own. In other words it is used to increase the performance and reliability of data storage. Depending on how you configure a RAID, it can increase your […]